Saturday, February 06, 2016

WOMAD 2016 - coffeebar breaks

All this month Groove will be playing bar breaks from the CoffeeBar Kid - featuring music and info about some of the artist coming to WOMAD 2016. 

So far we've done segments on John Grant, St Germain, Ester Rada, Spiro, Seun Kuti and Egypt 80, Tami Neilson, Louis Baker, Orange Blossom, Hazmat Modine.  But we'll be makin' more - so keep listening. 

Listen up to hear more - click open the player or look for us in the TuneIn Radio App (android or ITunes) Search for 'Groove 107.7FM'

St Germain goes down under


The CoffeeBar Kid talks to Wade Schuman, harmonica player and founder of Hazmat Modine, the most exciting, original, explosive band you'll ever see! They're a maverick blues/folk/world fusion/jazz band from New York, founded in the late 1990s. Drawing from the rich soil of American music of the 1920s and 30s, right through to the 50s and 60s and blending elements of early blues, hokum jugband, swing, Klezmer, New Orleans R&B and Jamaican rocksteady, the band is fronted by two harmonicas which use call and response, harmony, melody and syncopated interweaving rhythms. The band includes tuba, guitar and percussion, claviola and Hawaaian steel guitar. Hazmat Modine’s sounds reflects musical influences ranging from avant-garde jazz to rockabilly and Western swing, to Middle Eastern, African and Hawaiian musical styles.

Of their unusual name, lead singer Wade Schuman says “HAZMAT is an American English word for Hazardous Materials, AKA dangerous materials, you see it on the sides of trucks or special trashcans. MODINE is the brand name for an industrial forced air heater unit, the kind that hangs down in garages and artists’ lofts … the company is in Muncie Indiana … they are both American words, but the sound of them together is rather exotic. People often think HAZMAT is Turkish. I thought Modine sounded a bit like a 1950s rock n roll band.” He also says this is an appropriate name for the band since they "blow a lot of hot air," including harmonicas, tubas and saxophones.


Wednesday, February 03, 2016

It's Festival Time. The Kid interviews Composer John Psathas

New Zealand has never witnessed a multi-layered world music collaboration like this before. John Psathas is no stranger to large-scale works but this is his most ambitious project yet.
Featuring 150 musicians from more than 20 countries, including Serj Tankian (Lebanon/Armenia/USA), Meeta Pandit (India) and Márta Sebestyén (Hungary), No Man’s Land brings together the descendants of opposing forces in World War I and reunites them in friendship and musical solidarity on the sites where their grandfathers and great-grandfathers fought a century ago.

Director Jasmine Millet and cinematographer Mathew Knight’s film of this epic global orchestra – playing a Psathas composition that leaps musical genres as it does borders, from folk to jazz to rock to classical – will be seen and heard in tandem with a select group of musicians performing live on stage.

The CoffeeBar Kid had a chat to John about the project

Check out the link here:

Saturday, January 23, 2016

Birdman competition Wellington this Monday 25th

Birdman Wellington has been going from strength to strength since starting only a few years ago, as Wellingtonians compete to be the silliest costumed flyer into our beautiful harbour! Once again Groove will be playing some tunes there.

Held on Wellington Anniversary Day, and held in Wellington’s outdoor jewel, the Waterfront from Frank Kitts Park to Te Papa Promenade, when the weather is good this cannot be beaten for a free and fun family day out. The event starts at 11am with a kids’ jump from the sea-level platform by the lagoon entrance, and moves into the afternoon with the adult and corporate competition sections, with entrants jumping from a specially constructed platform on Taranaki St Wharf. Jumping starts from 1pm but the BMX flip ramp will entertain from noon. This year, its birds and pirates they're lookin' for. Arggh aye, ye can be sure o' that!

Spread your wings and explore your creativity. You could land yourself a fantastic prize and be crowned Birdman Wellington Champion 2016. There will be a whole range of fun and family-friendly activities to provide an entertaining day for all ages, including excellent music stages, kids’ activities and rides, lots of food, and a range of market stalls. See the website more details of creative activities!

Come on down and join us this Monday on the Wellington Waterfront from 11am!

(Photo's from previous years).

Tuesday, January 19, 2016

Stop Press - Something special tonight - Wed 20 Jan

Gardens Magic at the Soundshell.
Soundshell - Wellington Botanic Gardens

Tonight we'll again be broadcasting the gig at the Soundshell live on Groove FM.

We had a great night last night with Steve Carlin and the Hiptomatic Swing orchestra down at the Soundshell in the Wellington Botanic Gardens in the Middle of Middle Earth. Tonight features the Roseneath Centennial Ragtime Band and again, if you can't make it down, make sure you tune to Groove tonight from around 8pm NZ time to hear them broadcast live!

Pack a blanket and picnic for Roseneath CR Band under the stars or stay tuned to Groove.
Head here for more details about the Gardens magic 3 weeks of free live music.

Friday, December 18, 2015

Monday, November 30, 2015

Groove Book Report: Geoff Murphy's Autobiography

Read the review here:

Sorry Folks. Groove is off air at present. We hope to be back soon.

3 is the Magic Number: De La Soul will play WOMAD

De La Soul is a massively influential hip hop group, hailing from Amityville, Long Island, New York.They are best known for their eclectic sampling and quirky, surreal lyrics, and their contributions to the evolution of the jazz rap subgenre.
The members are Kelvin Mercer (Posdnuos, Mercenary, Plug Wonder Why, Plug One), David Jude Jolicur (Trugoy the Dove, Dave, Plug Two) and Vincent Mason (Pasemaster Mase, Maseo, Plug Three). The three formed the group in high school and caught the attention of producer Paul Huston (Prince Paul) with a demo tape of the song "Plug Tunin'".
Their debut album, 3 Feet High and Rising (1989), was a critical smash that saw the group labeled hippies due to the message of peace and love. They quickly became prominent members of the Zulu Nation, along with A Tribe Called Quest, Black Sheep, Queen Latifah, The Jungle Brothers and others.
They were also members of the famed Native Tongues Posse and mentioned the group often in their music (though they have since left the group for various reasons). "Me, Myself and I" became a huge hit, further cementing the group's popularity. However, rock group the Turtles sued the group for sampling "You Showed Me" without permission on De La Soul's "Transmitting Live from Mars". From that point on, sampling required permission from the sources before it was released.
After 3 Feet High and Rising, De La Soul was pegged by audiences as hippies and were expected to continue creating the same type of music. This greatly agitated the group, as they always envisioned their career as a constantly changing style. This would influence their next recording sessions. De La Soul's second album, De La Soul Is Dead (1991) was a much darker album. It featured skits that criticized the direction that hip hop was heading in at the time, though it still managed to maintain a light sense of humor. While the album is a fan favorite today, it received mixed reviews and did not sell as well as 3 Feet High and Rising - probably the best hip hop album eva!

1993's Buhloone Mindstate and 1996's Stakes Is High saw the group evolve a new sound, that although again did not garner commercial success, did cement their position as mainstays of the alternative hip hop movement. Four years later, De La Soul announced that they would release a triple album series entitled "Art Official Intelligence" (or AOI). All three albums were intended to be released within a year, beginning with the release of Art Official Intelligence: Mosaic Thump.
This was followed by AOI: Bionix in late 2001. After this, however, the public saw no release of the third and final album in the AOI series. For the next two years, the only De La Soul releases were singles or remix compilations. Jolicur (Dave) stated in an interview that it usually takes about four years for the group to record an album, promote it with advertisements, touring and so on. The group was having trouble finishing the last AOI installment for many reasons, one of which being an ongoing struggle with Tommy Boy Records, who had been releasing their albums ever since their debut.

St. Germain is coming to WOMAD!!!!

Oh, yeah, Groovers.  He’s back.  And he’s still the same, only more unpredictable than before.  Twenty years after Boulevard, fifteen years after the multi-platinum album Tourist (over 3 million copies sold worldwide) and a world tour spanning several continents, Ludovic Navarre, alias St Germain, finally found his way back into the studio.  An uncontested and respected figure in the world of electronic music for the past two decades, a pioneer of the “French Touch” and a creator of intelligent, sensual and original deep house, St Germain  has always stood out.  His consummate art thrives on a subtle mixture of machines and instruments, of authentic roots and modern influences.
His music is a complex blend, reflecting his love of the blues, jazz and Black music of all kinds, with hypnotic electronic loops and harmoniously intertwined vocal samples.  Who can forget the renowned “Alabama Blues” or “Rose Rouge”, the hit single played all around the world… even during Rolling Stones’ concerts!
This new eponymous album is a colorful and exceptional musical journey.  Recorded with the participation of African musicians, the album features traditional Malian instruments like the kora, the balafon or the n’goni, that mingle with electric guitars, pianos, saxophones and electronic loops, following a secret formula only St Germain could concoct.
The first single, “Real Blues” a perfect summer track, sets the legendary voice of Lightnin’ Hopkins to the beat of wild, fiery drums and percussion.  The original single sleeve is decorated with a 3D mask conceived by Urban Art creator Gregos, known for his smiling and frowning faces stuck on walls throughout Paris and Europe.

Check out the new Tom Jones Biography : The new Book Report from the CoffeeBar Kid